Think that something's missing in your writing career? Chances are that it is. What may be missing… is YOU.
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Use your life to write and sell short stories, novels, nonfiction books...
Find the top-selling stories you want to tell right within your own life;
Become a wellspring of creativity...
Make money from your writing because it's totally original and universal;
Enjoy writing, maybe for the first time...
Writing should always be fun. It will be, when you're telling the stories you were born to tell.
Whatever you want ( or neeed) to write, this workshop will help.
This workshop isn't just for professional writers. It's for anyone who writes… anything.

It's for you if you're not sure what you want to write; or you know what you want to write, but get stuck. It's for you if you find blogging, or business writing a challenge.

It's also for you if you want to write others' life stories, as a family historian, or as a ghostwriter for others' material.

Most especially, this workshop is for you if you've been feeling that there's something missing in your writing. It's therapeutic writing which heals, even though our focus is on
SELLING your writing, rather than therapy.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

Want to write powerfully and well? You can only do that if you're yourself in your writing… If you find your own voice, in writers' jargon.

This is harder than you'd think. We all suffer from self-consciousness. When you overcome that, your entire life will be a goldmine of writing inspiration... and cash.

Want to discover how to explore the stories of your life? Chances are you're missing them, so read on.

Are you missing the BIG stories that only YOU can tell?

Most new writers miss out on one big source of inspiration: themselves.

It's not your fault. When you start your professional writing career, it's HARD. You're learning how to write: choosing the right words, completing projects you've never handled before... You're anxious, most of the time.

You look for writing inspiration outside yourself. You want to write like everyone else, and like your favorite writers.

However, chances are that you'll come into your own as a writer, when you mine your own life stories. That's where the gold is. You can turn even the worst things in your life into gold, if you start writing about yourself.
Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert for example went through a divorce. Then she wrote the story of her travels in her memoir. She's made millions of dollars from her book, and the movie which was made from it.

I like to fictionalize life stories, so I began my writing career in the late 1970s writing essays and romance novels. A decade later, I published magazine articles. The material for that was taken directly from the lives of myself, my family, and my friends.

You can do this too.

With my writing students, I've found that once I help writers to mine their own life stories, their writing instantly improves. And they make more money, because their writing is more authentic and authoritative. You're the expert on you, so once you start trusting yourself, you'll sell more of your writing.

Be yourself and write

When you're yourself, you're original. Your writing is powerful.

If you don't want to write nonfiction (true stuff), because you're shy, or don't want to hurt others, you can fictionalize your life.

All fiction (made up stuff: short stories and novels) is based on the writer's life and emotions. If you want to write fiction, that's all you have... and it's more than enough.

Introducing: Memories -- Writing and Selling Your Life Stories

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Our new coaching workshop is based on the "life writing" exercises I give my students to use to improve ALL their writing, whether it's blogging, copywriting, writing fiction, or anything else. When you become confident using your life as material, you can writing anything.

Janine, who's taken writing courses with me, suggested that I create a coaching workshop from the life writing material. We corralled several students to test the material, and they loved it.

In this workshop, you'll develop the material which will inspire lifelong creativity.

Week by week, you'll mine the material, and write it. You'll find markets, and will make sales. This workshop will become the basis of everything you write, because everything you write will become easier.

At the end of the workshop, you'll have many pieces of writing you can SELL.

Once you've completed "Memories: Writing and Selling Your Life Stories", you'll:

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Write more. You'll be more comfortable with yourself and your writing. Your life will inspire you...
What would it feel like to be truly confident in your writing?
Get more ideas for projects YOU can write...
Make much more income than you're making right now;
Find more markets for your writing...
Magazines and websites love personal essays. You'll develop new markets for your writing which pay well. (You may even get a book contract);
Blog from your life…
"Life" bloggers like Heather Armstrong ( make seven figures. That's a lot of cash for talking about yourself and your life;
Write your own life story...
Many writers want to write their memoirs. If you've lived a full life, it's time to share it;
Write someone else's life story...
I've ghostwritten autobiographies, and I teach writers how to do it. Once you've learned the strategies in this program, you may choose to become a ghostwriter for others' books, making upwards of $30,000 per project.

What my wonderful beta testers have said about Memories...

"I'm a graduate SYWON member. Angela suggested I use my own life experiences in my upcoming blog. (Under a pseudonym, for several reasons.) Beta testing the new Memories workshop was amazing. I've made more progress in a week than I made in months. My wife wants to take the workshop to publish her teaching memoirs."
Guntram A. USA

"When Angela asked me to beta test the Memories workshop I got excited. To be honest, I wasn't sure it would help me. Well, I was wrong. This is the best thing I've ever done to improve all my writing. Money-wise, it doubled my income from last year in a month -- I'm contracted to write two autobiographies, and a company history. I can't thank Angela enough for the training to take my writing in a whole new direction."
Tabby W. UK

"After my divorce, I stopped writing. Angela suggested that life writing might help, and it surely did. During the Memories workshop, the floodgates opened... I wrote 2 erotica ebooks, under a female name. They're selling unbelievably well. Money's coming in, and my copywriting is doing well too."
Jim F. Japan

Make all your writing easier, when you use your memories

You'll be thrilled at how your writing flows when you tap your life experiences in your writing.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that you just have more to write about, because you're writing what you know.

Here's the second reason: we all have mental blocks and internal editors which censor our words before they hit the page. Most of this negativity was instilled in us in childhood. When you actively use your memories, that negativity is released. It just goes away.

Not only will your writing be easier, but it will also improve… as will the rest of your life.

Here's what you receive with Memories -- Writing and Selling Your Life Stories

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Memories -- Writing and Selling Your Life Stories

An Introduction, and six weeks of lessons in PDF.

You receive a lesson a week, automatically. Each lesson has tasks. You complete those tasks, and send them to me.

Important: Although you receive a lesson a week, you write at YOUR pace, not mine. We're all busy. Therefore, take your time. There's no time clock. Complete the workshop in six weeks, or in six months, it's up to you.
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Step by Step, We Write Together

You're an individual. You have unique talents and potential. Before we start, you complete a questionnaire (it's short and fun) so that we can see where we start, and where you want to go.

Once I receive your questionnaire, I'll map out a personal program just for you.

Yes, you'll work through the workshop materials, but you'll have me at your side, all the way, providing all the inspiration and motivation you need.

The aim of the workshop is to help you to discover and mine your life stories. At the end of the workshop, you'll have several pieces of writing, ready to sell.
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Ebook Templates and Getting Started with WordPress

You choose what you want to write in the Memories coaching workshop.

I've included some ebook templates (in MS Word and Open Office formats) if you choose to write and sell ebooks.

Whatever you choose to write, blogging will be part of it, so this mini WordPress training will put you on the path to WordPress mastery.

Bottom line: Memories breaks you out of the "commodity" trap

Writing has become a commodity. A "commodity" is a raw material which can be bought and sold. When your writing is looked at as a commodity, all that counts is the PRICE. That's why you see so many low-paying gigs around. It's not a good thing.

However, here's the bright side: YOU can stop YOUR writing being perceived as a commodity at any time.

Lilly (one of my students who's on-track to make $100,000 in 2013) lifted herself up by her bootstraps from being a writer.

She stopped looking at her writing as something that was bought and sold at the lowest possible price. She paid attention to who SHE was, and what she was writing.

Lilly used Memories to discover what was SPECIAL about her, and to break out of the "writing as a commodity" trap.

Start today… Turn your life stories, insights and memories into income

The coaching doesn't end when the workshop ends. You can contact me for additional help and inspiration at any time.

Please share your successes with me too… :-)
Angela Booth

I'm looking forward to writing with YOU

This coaching workshop includes ongoing coaching right throughout the workshop, of course.

In addition to the coaching, you can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy this workshop -- students love it, and have already used the information to great effect. You'll do this too.

I wish you all success.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me. Please let me know of your successes. I love to hear from you. :-)