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Angela Booth
Angela Booth

I'm Angela Booth. I've been writing and selling my writing for 30 years, as well as helping writers to success for 20 years.

What do YOU want to achieve as a writer? Success is closer than you can imagine. Whether you want to write copy and
become a copywriter, write short stories and novels, write for business, write for magazines, or create and sell Web sites - you can do it. In the 21st century, your options as a writer are truly unlimited.

The Internet has changed professional writing forever. Even completely new writers can make a living
writing for the Web. Established writers are no longer at the beck and call of capricious editors, they can take their career into their own hands, and establish entrepreneurial enterprises like blogs.

I've developed a range of
ebooks and coaching courses for writers, covering much of the 21st century writing landscape.

Class: “Copywriting Master Class - Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” - takes you from beginner to copywriting pro

Enjoy writing? Imagine starting and running your own highly successful copywriting services business, under the guidance of a top copywriter...

Ten weeks, ten lessons, and ten assignments... get your first clients, and all the guidance you need. You’ll love this Master Class. I’ve crammed everything I know about successful copywriting into this class, so you can start earning right away.

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