All writing classes feature open enrollment with complete privacy and personalized instruction

Student comments include:

"I can't thank you enough Angela. I didn't even know what a copywriter was. Your coaching gave me the courage to get my first clients (and to refuse some clients too), as well as gradually build my portfolio and set my rates at a high level." Martha C, Texas.

"When I was ready to hit the Delete key on my novel, you stopped me. Now I can see my way forward - and I'm on track to complete my novel in three months." Jason E, London U.K.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As I told you yesterday, I've got an agent! My family said I was nuts when I told them I was publishing my nan's recipes. Your advice made my ideas about the book come together. And it shut my family up." Rosa R, California.

"My family thought I was crazy when I told them I had a writing coach, but boy I shocked them. Six months after your course I'm making more money now than my brother who's a doctor - and I work nowhere near as hard as he does. Thank you do much for all the time you spent with me - I had a lot of fun, and you built my confidence step by step..." Josetta, Auckland, N.Z.

Joining is easy - get the writing help you want, customized to YOUR needs

Since classes are conducted primarily by email, you can join a class any time you wish, and you can take as long as you need to complete a class. Although you'll receive weekly lessons, complete them at a pace which suits you - if you want to take a year to complete a class, that's fine.

On joining a class, you receive the class introduction and your first lesson. Just send a blank email message to the class address, and your lessons will arrive each week. As stated: complete the lessons at your own pace. You can ask questions at any time. The lessons are structured to achieve a specified objective, and each lesson includes exercises.