Info product sales success -- FREE

I LOVE creating and selling info products, primarily because I love writing. The fact that I can complete a new ebook today, and can SELL it today is still amazing to me.

Another reason I love creating info products are that you can achieve huge success selling them for free. It's not that I'm against advertising -- it's just that when you stop advertising, the sales stop.

I was chatting with one of my Info Product Domination students today about two of my favorite strategies: article marketing and blogging.

I showed him my "ghost" sales -- sales of products I've long stopped promoting. These sales come from articles I wrote six years ago. That's the benefit of article marketing of course, when it's done well. You invest a little time, and keep on making sales forever.

If you're a new info product creator, consider that the time you spend today can have great benefits for your business, for years to come.

Writing: The prices you charge

Wondering what you should charge for your writing? This question often comes up, both in the Write More class, and in the Copywriting Master Class.

If you're just starting out as a writer, base your fees on a comfortable hourly rate -- but add an extra 30 per cent. You add the additional to cover all the unseen costs, such as insurance, including your health insurance, computer update and repair, and so on.

Beware of charging rates for your writing which are too low. Please don't try to undercut other writers -- this never works, it just means that you both go broke. :-)

If you're not sure what to charge, and you're a current or graduate member of any of my writing classes, just send me a message, and we'll work out a rate sheet for you.

I've also covered how much to charge in a new guide, Devilish Writer -- it's opened the eyes of many writers. :-)

Happy writing!

Blogging class update - look for it soon

Late in 2007 I promised you a blogging class this year.

Unfortunately, I got tied up with creating the Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) training, so it’s taken longer than I thought to get this project off the ground.

The wait is almost over. :-) Look for the blogging class by the end of 2008.

The class will be video-based, primarily teaching the information in my blogging guide, but with a lot of extra information for business bloggers.

Rather than force you to download hundreds of megabytes of information, the class will be sent to you on DVD.

You’ll receive:

* Step by step videos

* Audio files in MP3

* Several PDF tutorials with cheat sheets

* A PDF ebook

And much more.

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to build a business based on blogging, or who wants to use blogging to turbo-charge their current business.

I’ve been blogging since around 2001, and blogging has become the mainstay of my business. The class will show you how to make blogging work for you, and bring you the income you want.

Podcasts and videos - free writing tips

Sometimes you can only explain a writing process or skill by showing.

Now that more people have broadband connections, I’ve started creating podcasts (audio files) and videos for my writing students.

Many are completely free - bookmark my 5 Minute Writing Tips site to stay up to date with the latest.

I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

Writing classes coming in 2008


I've had many questions about writing classes for special interests, so here's what's planned for 2008.

Early in the year I'll be offering a copywriting class and Web writing class. Later, look for a blogging class - one that's focused on blogging for promotion, as well as for money.

I hope you enjoy them. :-)