Writing Hero: Your Own Curriculum and MP3 Recordings -- Write With Me At Your Side

Your very own writing class recorded in MP3. Get motivated, get hired, make more income: this class is personalized to YOUR challenges right now.

Hi Fellow Writer

Welcome to Writing Hero!

This class is
never offered publicly. The only way you can access it is if you're already a writing coaching student, or if I've sent you the link.

This class is very special, because it's developed
for you personally. It's YOUR writing class. You have your own curriculum, and your own recorded sessions with me.

The class takes place over four weeks.


* Skype (it's free) -- the audio of our sessions is recorded and sent to you.

* Time to devote to writing each day, at least 30 minutes.

We begin with a recorded chat about your current circumstances and the challenges you face. You have several tasks to accomplish over the next week.

I then create a complete curriculum for you, which is recorded and sent to you in the week after our session. This program may extend over weeks or months, depending on your own needs.

In our next session, we talk about writing habits: professional writing is all about your workflow, and your pipeline. You need a proper workflow which gets things done, and a pipeline which constantly brings new clients to your door.

The final two sessions discuss your unique challenges, and the solutions to them.

This class is exclusive and personal.

Here's what writers have said about the Writing Hero class: "best investment I ever made"... "I filled my pipeline with clients"... "achieved my dream of professional writing".

Are you a writing hero?

If you feel that this class is for you -- you want an intensive program to guide you in becoming a professional full-time writer --
enroll now.


I'll get back to you quickly when you enroll, often within minutes, always within eight hours.

I look forward to writing with you, dear hero. :-)

All best wishes


P.S. Writing Hero is time-intensive, for you and for me. Therefore, please understand that only limited places are available.